Easy Cloud Deployment Solutions for Applications

Deploy a Complex Cloud Infrastructures without compromising Security, Resiliency or Productivity.


Self-Service Orchestration

Delivering a self-service model that contains best practice automation, policies and security is absolutely required to streamline the overall experience. Developers no longer have to become cloud infrastructure and service experts thus allowing them to focus on what really matters -- delivering results in the most beneficial and cost-effective way possible.

Automated Cloud Standardization

Look, we get it... Cloud can be a bit overwhelming and there are vast differences between the many cloud service providers in the market today. As Amazon Cloud experts, we are paving the way to new enlightenment when it comes to Standardizing Cloud Usage. Using our pre-defined library of AWS Deployment Blueprints, developers can become fully empowered to launch an entire server architecture from a single development server to a fully-redundant, auto-scaling production environment.


Continuous Delivery

Have you ever wanted a way to simplify and consistently delivery your application automatically? So have we... which is exactly why we use the same automation delivery system that we offer you. Developers need the ability to push changes between environments with solid assurance and confidence. Deploy code revisions with seamless deployment rollbacks and say "YES" to speeding up your development cycles while get automated through our systematic continuous delivery platform.

Features Beyond Your Expectation

Built with Security First

Built-in security automation helps you deploy applications using industry best-practices. The move to cloud computing raises new or additional security concerns, but when applications and infrastructure are architected with attention to security, cloud platforms can be just as secure as those on-premises. We firmly believe in the power of infrastructure segementation in order to eliminate cross-environment risk and greatly reduce risk of data breaches.

Developer Friendly

We completely understand from a development persepctive that mastering your products to deliver the best user experience is time consuming and costly. Having to add additional skills and functionality to design, implement, manage and support your infrastructure can be a hinderance and distraction to your overall business goals and bottom dollar. Take a deep breath because Cloudscalr removes that problem from you with our fully automated and orchestrated infrastructure solutions.

Automated Deployments

Best practices are integrated into everything we do -- from architecture to security to deployment lifecycle management. Our automated deployment templates are pre-created infrastructure designs configured to automatically build once you have specified the required inputs. No longer do you have to worry about launching a server or two, registering with another service, going back and running a copied script command. You can now truly focus on what matters... your product and business!

Cloud-Enabled, Cloud-Driven

When it comes to cloud computing, Amazon AWS is the crème de la crème. With 100+ services offered, it can be quite overwhelming to jump into with both feet. Cloudscalr has taken a vast number of these services and created fully automated solutions that conform to industry best practices and security standards.

Optimized PHP

We provide optimized PHP settings so you don’t have too. With that said, you can still configure nginx, apache2, and fpm settings as needed with the click of a button. If you have multiple web applications that use a different version of PHP you can painlessly manage the version you prefer to use. Cloudscalr supports the latest version of PHP 5.6, along with versions 7.0, 7.1 and 7.2.

Transparent Cost Planning

Many companies turn to the cloud with productivity anduced costs in mind yet quickly discover that tendencies of overprovisioning, a lack of financial visibility and abandoned infrastructure result in inflated costs. Cost management becomes a crucial factor in a successful cloud strategy. Preventative and reactive controls are required to build environments and Cloudscalr already has that built-in.

Zero Downtime Deployments

Service availability is no joke and we take it seriously at Cloudscalr which is why we offer a zero downtime code deployment capability. With this tool, your customers using your application are not even aware of the fact that a new version has been pushed and activated. For each code deployment, the system will push the code to a designated location on the server where it will then execute regression testing to make sure everything passes. Once testing has completed successfully, the system will automatically route all requests to the updated application version.

Universal Self-Service

Self Service should not be limited to one type of user. Cloudscalr's policy engine and role based access controls (RBAC) provide the ability to offer customizable access levels for power-users, basic users, and anything in between. Cloudscalr can also be used by a much broader audience to manage applications in the cloud without needing extensive training. Our published blueprints only ask for the inputs the Deployment requires, such as instance size or a custom name, for rapid and easy deployments.

Consulting Services

Are you taking advantage of cloud technology benefits to grow and stay competitive in your marketplace? Companies around the world are looking to cloud technologies and services to reduce costs, mitigate risk, and assure scalability and resiliency. Cloudscalr automates designs and builds for cloud-enabled solutions that help solve complex issues companies face everyday. Our consulting services are available to help fill gaps you might be experiencing or act as an advisor for checks and balances for assurance reasons.